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2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power and a Black Edition

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2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power and a Black Edition

The 2025 Volkswagen Golf R is back with a subtle yet impactful update, and it’s got enthusiasts buzzing. While the changes might not be earth-shattering, they’re enough to keep the Golf R at the forefront of hot hatch conversations. Let’s dive into the details.

More Power Under the Hood

The headline news is the power bump. The 2025 Golf R now packs 328 horsepower, up from the previous 315. It’s not a massive leap, but hey, more power is always welcome. Torque remains unchanged at 310 pound-feet. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel-drive system continue to do their thing, but if you were hoping for a manual option, well, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Start It Loud

Enthusiasts will appreciate the new “loud start” mode. Picture this: you press the start button without your foot on the brake, wait 1.5 seconds, and then press the start button again with your foot on the brake. Boom! The Golf R roars to life, revving straight to 2,500 rpm for an exhilarating exhaust note. It’s like waking up the neighborhood, but in a good way.

2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power and a Black Edition
2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power and a Black Edition (Image via Car Ans Drive)

Black Edition: Stealthy and Stylish

For those who prefer their hot hatches with a side of stealth, Volkswagen introduces the Black Edition. Opting for this package means darker trim, blacked-out badges, and headlight housings. Even the wheels, exhaust tips, and brake calipers get the noir treatment. It’s the Golf R’s way of saying, “I’m here to perform, but I’ll do it quietly.”

Inside the Cabin

Step inside, and you’ll find mostly familiar territory. However, the infotainment screen has grown—it’s now a 12.9-inch display. Volkswagen also borrowed the operating system from its new ID models, which is an improvement, though not everyone’s favorite. Performance-wise, the Golf R gains a G-meter for launch countdowns and acceleration recording. The lap timer now boasts GPS support, allowing split times on your favorite track.

Availability and Pricing

The 2025 VW Golf R will hit pre-sale in Europe this summer, with other markets following suit. As for pricing, we’re still waiting for official numbers, but expect it to nudge a bit higher than before.

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