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The Ford Capri Is Back, but Not as You Know It

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Ford Capri Is Back

Ford, not content with rattling Mustang fans by bringing out the Mach-E, has electrified another classic nameplate for Europe: The Capri. Born in 1969, five years after the Mustang took America by storm, the original Capri was a two-door, four-seater coupe that became a huge sales success on the Old Continent. Its launch advertising campaign boldly claimed, “The car you always promised yourself.” Now, in 2024, the Capri is making a comeback, but it’s not quite what enthusiasts might expect.

The new Capri is built on the same MEB platform as the Explorer and VW’s ID. 5. Unlike its predecessor, which was a sporty two-door fastback, the 2024 Capri is a four-door electric vehicle. It’s expected to sit above the Explorer in Ford’s lineup but below the Mach-E, with a price likely exceeding £40,000 in the U.K. ($51,200).

Power and Performance

The new Capri offers two powertrain options. The rear motor version delivers 286 horsepower, while the twin-motor all-wheel-drive setup boasts 340 horses. Battery packs come in two sizes: 77 kWh and 79 kWh, providing a potential maximum range of 368 miles. Fast charging at 185 kW allows the Capri to juice up from 10 to 80 percent capacity in just 28 minutes. In terms of performance, the single-motor version accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds, while the twin-motor variant does it in 5.3 seconds.

Design and Features

Design-wise, the new Capri leans more European than the Explorer or Mach-E, resembling something akin to a Polestar 2. Inside, it shares similarities with the Explorer. The lighting design pays homage to its classic forebear, and vibrant paint hues like Vivid Yellow and Blue My Mind add a touch of nostalgia. Ford has even coined an acronym to describe the new Capri: C for Cool, A for Athletic, P for Past meets future, R for Rebellious, and I for Intelligent technologies.

Continuing the Legacy

Ford claims the new Capri will “continue the story of the iconic cult classic.” While it’s undoubtedly a capable and practical family car, some enthusiasts may feel that certain things are best left untouched. The nameplate’s resurrection as an electric four-door may raise eyebrows, but perhaps it’s a sign of the times—a nod to regulations and a glimpse into the automotive future.

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