The Boys Recap: Popularity Is Power 

In the latest episode of "The Boys," titled "Popularity Is Power," the dynamics among the superheroes take center stage.  

As the Seven continue to dominate the public eye, their popularity becomes a weapon, granting them immense power over society.

Homelander's charm and charisma make him the face of the superhero group, while Starlight's rising fame puts her in a precarious position.  

Meanwhile, the Boys devise a plan to expose the corruption and abuse of power within the superhero fraternity.

Through social media manipulation and carefully crafted narratives, the Seven maintain their grip on the public's perception.  

But as tensions rise and secrets are revealed, the balance of power begins to shift, challenging the very foundation of the superhero hierarchy.

"The Boys" continues to explore the notion that popularity can be a double-edged sword, highlighting the influence it wields in a world obsessed with superheroes.